Afro-Mexicanos couple

Cuaji, Guerrero

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Faith and race in Muslim America: Being Black and Muslim in the United States.

"Being black and Muslim in America often means that one has to figure out a way to simultaneously navigate two particularly stigmatised social identities: that of being black and that of being Muslim. And when the dominant narrative of Islam in America is that it is primarily a Middle Eastern phenomenon or a South Asian phenomenon, then it does not leave a lot of space for people like me…where do their stories fit in?" - Donna Austin.

Watch this interesting and eye-opening conversation that deals with anti-black sentiment within the American Muslim community that is constructed through a view of Arab superiority, further aided by the systemic racism - both presently and historically - in the United States.

Seeing as the conversation is centered around being both black and Muslim, it’s unfortunate that much was not said about the experiences of black African Muslims in America.

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One of my favorite instagramers: karachichaiwalla

Whoever he is, he takes beautiful photos of everyday life in Karachi. The chai photos make me nostalgic and take me back to a place I left long ago.. I can smell the chai and hear the pour through his photos. You should follow him.

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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Palestinians praying in Gaza city 

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1: Teal Iris

2: Blue bearded iris

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