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Meet the Youngest Black Engineer in America

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Brittney Exline is special, very special. She’s the Michael Jordan of intellectuals, and getting the attention that she deserves.  Brittney has been named, according to and other sources, to be the young black engineer in the entire United States.   At 19 years old, the University of Pennsylvania grad has achieved more than most will achieve in their lifetime.

In addition to being an extraordinary engineer, Brittney also speaks five languages.  She graduated with minors in five different fields, including Math, Psychology and Classical Studies.  She has worked on Wall Street and also participated in numerous beauty pageants.  [Continue reading the article in its entirety at Naturally Moi.]

black excellence.

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The 3 Deadliest Words In The World, “It’s A Girl” : Evan Grae Davis at TEDxGateway

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y’all wanna talk about muslims being terrorists i live in a islamic country and we had ZERO school shootings in the history of this country SOMEONE is shooting something up and it sure as fuck aint us 


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Nicki Minaj attends ‘The other woman’ premiere

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"One time we we had a project in class, and my friend said he didn’t want to be my partner, and I got an A+, and he just got an A."

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When a woman is a daughter, she opens a door of paradise for her father. When she is a wife, she completes half of the deen of her husband. Allah has raised women’s status to so high that when she is a mother, Paradise lies under her feet. If everyone knew the true status of women in Islam, even the men would want to be women.

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